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November 2019 Virginia General Assembly election results

There are ninety nine chambers throughout the country. Incumbent Democrat George Barker has represented the 39th district since 2008. Incumbent Democrat Scott Surovell has represented the 36th district since 2016. Incumbent Democrat and current Minority Leader Dick Saslaw has represented the thirty fifth district since 1980.
What is a runoff was the only state of the eleven former states that belonged to the Confederate States of America to vote Democratic in this election. This is a reversal from 1976, when it was the only state that had belonged to the CSA to vote Republican.
Controversies involving Virginia’s high three executive officials (all Democrats) are in the backdrop for the House elections in addition to elections for the state Senate, which Republicans management 21-19. Twenty-five districts had been affected by the redrawing—9 Republican-held seats and 16 Democratic-held seats. This spreadsheet from Daily Kos shows the magnitude of the consequences on every district using data on how the districts voted in the 2016 presidential election. Incumbent David Yancey (R) was re-elected in 2017.
In one other Republican-leaning district, Sen. Bryce Reeves seems to have beaten Democrat Amy Laufer within the 17th District, representing elements of Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, Louisa and Albemarle counties and Fredericksburg. In Orange, Culpeper and Madison counties, Del.
Incumbent Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D) received election in 2017, receiving fifty three p.c of the vote and defeating her Republican opponent by 6 points. This was a district the place the incumbent gained lower than 55 p.c of the vote in the newest election.
Milde beat Del. Bob Thomas within the GOP major in spring by promising to be more conservative than the incumbent. Cole solely misplaced to Thomas by 73 votes in 2017 in an election marred by voters assigned to incorrect districts in parts of Stafford County and Fredericksburg. 2019 Senate of Virginia Democratic Primary - District 35 Virginia Department of Elections.

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